Tim(othy) (christopher ryan) VOLPERT

web/graphic designer, poet, musician, generally well-liked

Coal City Review and Press

screenshot of front page of coalcitypress.com on desktop and mobile
the all-new coalcity.org

This was a complete site overhaul for a fantastic literary journal and publisher that had let its web presence slacken a bit.

Coal City Review & Press website before update
website before updates

Brian Daldorph, the brains behind Coal City, entrusted me with full creative control of the website’s new look, so I took the opportunity to dive in and create a custom WordPress theme from scratch!

The finished result is fully-responsive, and includes huge workflow improvements on the back end, such as using the Pods framework to create standardized entry for all titles, and implementing eCommerce. Check out the live site to see more of the great work Coal City Review & Press is putting out.