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Mother-Ghosts book cover and layout

Leah Sewell is a phenomenal poet, and herself a talented designer, so I was honored that she asked me to handle design on her own full-length debut of poetry.

Working from Leah’s original concept, I adapted Ashley Laird’s original artwork into the cover you see before you, with colorization and typography. You can pick up this fantastic book from Woodley Press.

I also had the chance to exercise my retouching skills, in getting the full version of the cover art to a print-ready state from the file I had.

Cover of Mother-Ghosts by Leah Sewell; original artwork by Ashley Laird
Final Cover Design
Sample page layout from Leah Sewell's Mother-Ghosts
sample page layout
"For Leah" - before
cover artwork file, before retouching
"For Leah" - retouched
Cover artwork file, after retouching